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July 05, 2019 by Administrator

Salman Taseer was governor Punjab at that time when he was murdered by one of his bodyguards on 4th January 2011. He always opposed the extremism and was a strong supporter of repealing the blasphemy laws in Pakistan.           

It all started with the case of Christian woman Asia Bibi. In 2008, when she offered water to the fellow farmhands they refused to take water from her saying that she was a non-Muslim. As a result of it, the conflict started, fellow farmhands accused Asia Bibi of the blasphemy against the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) and informed the village cleric.    

Later on, the case was filed against the Asia Bibi and it gained national prominence due to a brave politician like Salman Taseer. The governor Punjab of that time came up in the support of Asia Bibi and said that he had sought a presidential pardon for Bibi.   

This support made Salman Taseer a traitor in the eyes of religious masses in Pakistan. In mosque sermons and media outlets, the Asia Bibi case became a national symbol of defiance. The hatred started for Salman Taseer started to rise that eventually became the reason for his murder.  

Political benefits of different religious parties were involved in the case and they tried their best to evoke people’s emotion in order to increase their vote bank but that didn’t really work for them. All such parties tried to play their cards smartly to use Mumtaz Qadri’s death for their political benefits. 

The court found Mumtaz Qadri guilty on 10th October 2011 and gave him a death sentence. Mumtaz Qadri also filed an appeal against the death sentence but it was rejected in December 2015. On 29th February 2016, Mumtaz Qadri was hanged around 4.30 am at Adiala jail in Rawalpindi. A judicial panel of 3 judges of Supreme Court of Pakistan gave the final verdict of the case.  

Every single religious party wanted to grab the opportunity to organize the Chehlum of Mumtaz Qadri in order to gain sympathy for people in the Elections. 

On Salman Taseer case, the book “Muhammad (S.A.W) Ke Naam Par” has been written by author Obaid Shah in which the analysis has been done with the judicial record of the case. Complete facts and figures of the case are also present in the book.  

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