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Muhammad (S.A.W) Ke Naam Par

By:Obaid Shah
Release Date:01 March 2019
Price:Rs 1200


There is a big question mark, how anyone can kill someone without strong evidence and substantial prove? Obviously, the mob has no definite face but in times of technology, the mob violators should be moved behind bars. Because it’s a crime against humanity and the court of law has to deal with “religious insult” cases with little leniency by first giving a chance to repent. Because nearly many cases are filed to take personal revenge and based on concocted stories. The book draws strings of cases and creates strong analysis about incitement to kill someone Muhammad (SAW) ke naam par (in the name of Prophet). It describes the consequences of “hate speech” and takes an initiative to curtail it. The recent cases of Mumtaz Qadri, Aasia Bibi and Mashal Khan are the pivotal focus of the writer and the book explains the complete proceedings of the cases. Obaid shah illustrates the true nature of Islam that teaches us about “peace”. The Prophet (PBUH) was the true preacher of peace, so how can anyone assume that the Prophet would accept the brutal killing in his name? In the end, the writer asks a question that if blasphemy law is not black then what?

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