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Marathon Man

By:Rob Young
Release Date:-
Price:Rs 3000


Marathon Man is a truly remarkable book that will inspire all who read it to know that they can take on the biggest challenges in their lives and overcome them. When Rob Young saw the stories of how runners at the London Marathon had raised lots of money for charity, he decided he would do the same. Except, he decided to take things a little bit further. Despite never having run a marathon before, he set out to achieve an astonishing new record: he would run more than 365 marathons in a year. This book not only tells the incredible story of Young's quest, during which he broke numerous world records, but also provides vital lessons in how to motivate yourself to achieve your goals and essential tips (learned the very hard way) in how to run and keep on going. After suffering horrendous abuse as a child, Young has developed a determination that few can match. It enabled him to complete 370 marathons in the year, to win the Race Across USA (competing with a group of elite marathon-runners) by 30 hours, and to break the world record by running 373 miles non-stop. As Paula Radcliffe commented: 'This is amazing!' Marathon Manshows exactly why and how he achieved it.

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