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Is Your Job Making You Fat?

By:Ken Lloyd
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Price:Rs 1900


Is Your Job Making You Fat? identifies and analyzes all of the central sources of weight gain associated with work as well as giving you tools to control this problem and help you lose weight. Putting on weight at work is easier than it's ever been! The sedentary nature of today's jobs, access to unhealthy lunches and office snacks and treats, higher levels of job stress, longer and more demanding work hours, peer pressure, new and unconventional jobs - put it all together and you have the perfect storm for weight gain. Authors Ken Lloyd and Stacey Laura Lloyd offer a fresh approach to this problem - why not apply your businesslike mind-set and skill set to weight management? After all, at work you have a plan that includes objectives, strategies, priorities, deadlines, and measurable results. Use that same methodology to take charge of your weight today!

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