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Effects of Blasphemy Accusations on Pakistan’s Image and Economy

October 07, 2019 by Administrator

Blasphemy cases in Pakistan have not only disturbed the law and order situation in the country but it has also affected the image and economy of the country. If you see the examples of Aasia Bibi and Salman Taseer's cases, you’ll realize how Pakistan and Islam were perceived by the international media. It made foreign investors reluctant to visit Pakistan and to make huge investments for doing business.  


Reputation as an Intolerant Nation  

Salman Taseer and Aasia Bibi's cases portrayed us as the impatient people who are ready to kill someone even when the allegations were not true. In such a situation, any foreigner would consider coming to Pakistan a big risk.        

The killing of Salman Taseer shocked the whole world when his own security guard took his life. Ex-governor Punjab made a statement against the blasphemy laws in Pakistan and as a result of it, he faced backlash from the religious groups in Pakistan.    

Salman Taseer's murder gave an impression to the whole world that if the life of “VIP” is not safe in Pakistan then how ordinary people can feel safe in the country? How the security of foreigners can be ensured?  

Reluctacny of Foreign Tourists and Investors

Tourism is the major industry that plays a key role to boost the economy of any country. It gets hurt real bad when people are hesitant to travel to any country due to security threats. The same thing happened in Pakistan due to the Blasphemy cases when tourists felt threatened to come here. Considering the fact that Pakistan has beautiful places that evoke the interest of tourists but it's sad we cannot capitalize on it. Violence and bad law & order situations also hurt international trade that makes a direct impact on the economy of the country. 

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