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Conflict and Kiwis

By:George Bowen
Release Date:-
Price:Rs 4500


Conflict and Kiwis will help you gain a good overview and insight into the differing forms that conflict can take and specifically a number of key world conflicts and key happenings that impacted on New Zealand. Conflict and Kiwis covers the events and the people that contributed to these significant conflicts and examines how these events helped shape the New Zealand we know and love today. Each chapter of the book is a topic in and of itself. Starting at pre-World War I, this comprehensive and well-written book covers World War I, World War II, conflicts in Korea, Vietnam and the Pacific, as well as racial and philosophical conflicts such as those over nuclear issues. Described in each chapter are the forces of politics and economics - both global and local - that can create, sustain and end conflict. The book offers suggestions for assessment opportunities for all of the History Achievement Standards at Level One.

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